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Hello friends, and welcome to our brand new Dias con Cristo website. This website that stands in front is version 2 and has been completely overhauled and spit-shined just to meet the needs of you, and our growing community. I have been promising for sometime that I would redecorate this site a bit, and finally I was able to do it now that school is over with and that I have an internship with a leading hot tub brand (homepage) coming up in which I might be busy during that time. The navigation to this site has also been completely rebuilt, the old one had to be scrapped, and it was inefficient means to getting around a website.  The old site lacked real content, and so it was decided to make the site more user friendly with you in mind. With these improvements I hope to increase user traffic, and focus more on our community, and on you. I hope you enjoy this new site, as I enjoyed designing it for you.


Scott Patterson | Webmaster

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Dias con Cristo ("Days with Christ") is an ecumenical Christian ministry whose purpose is to spread the love of God by conducting three day weekend retreats. Dias con Cristo serves the Reno, Lake Tahoe and the Sierra foothill region.
Dias con Cristo has its "home base" in Reno, Nevada. The Dias con Cristo community includes members from as far as Yerington, NV and Fallon, NV to the east and Quincy, CA to the west.

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