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Apoyo Groups

Apoyo Groups are groups of people in the Dias con Cristo community who meet regularly, usually in members' homes to support one another in their continued walk with Jesus.

Q: So What Does Apoyo Mean?

A: Quite simply, Apoyo means support: support for the individual, the church, and in time, the world.

  • What would Jesus have of you?
  • What is Jesus asking?
  • Where does He want you to serve?
  • What kind of outreach tugs on your heart and burns in your spirit?
  • Where have you been complacent?
  • What would it take to get you out of your comfort zone?

These are the questions your Apoyo group can help you discern and answer. Many of us already have Apoyo groups regardless of whether we identify and label them as such. Your inner circle of trusted confidants probably serves the role. Perhaps now you are interested in creating a committed, more formalized relationship with your already trusted confidants. Or perhaps your heart longs for the experience of meeting new people in a new way, to see what develops.

Apoyo groups and Ultreyas are in no way meant to replace or decrease our involvement within our individual church congregations. If our Fourth Day Walk is handled in the Dias con Cristo tradition, it will actually serve to revitalize you personally and in the process add to the continual revitalization of your home church.

God’s Blessings!

Area Representatives
Carson City

Frank Elliott


Vicky Fry

Rural California



Jean Pidlypchak


Jodi Patterson