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Dias con Cristo # 83
"The River of God"

Frank and I are honored that you have chosen to serve God with us on this Dias Con Cristo Team#83!  The theme of the weekend is “The River of God”.  Our first team meeting will be February 4th.  We will meet at Sparks Christian Fellowship 510 Greenbrae Drive, at 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Please be on time as we have a lot of things to cover as we get to know each other and begin preparation for the upcoming weekend.  (You won’t want to miss the musicJ)

The following are the dates and locations for the team meetings:

  • Team mtg #1 - Feb 4th - Sparks Christian Fellowship
  • Team mtg #2 - Feb 18th - Carson Methodist Church
  • Team mtg #3 - March 4th - University Family Fellowship, Sparks
  • Team mtg# 4 - March 18th - Gardnerville Methodist Church
  • Team mtg #5 - April 8th - Carson Methodist Church
  • Team mtg #6 - April 22nd - St Paul’s Reno Methodist

There will be no child care available so please plan accordingly.

The weekend will begin on Thursday, May 4th in the evening and end on Sunday, May 7th. 

There are a few things you will need to bring to the meeting:

  1. Your songbook.  Most the songs we will sing will be in the songbook.
  2. Musical instruments = Guitars, banjos, keyboards, tambourines, mariachis, shakers or a kazoo.  Anything that will allow us to make a joyful noise to the Lord!
  3. Five self-addressed stamped legal size envelopes or an e-mail address.  These will be used to mail out team letters prior to each team meeting.
  4. One six pack of name brand soda or juice and one six pack of water.  These will be used for team meetings and the weekend.
  5. An individual lunch for yourself.
  6. Ideas for the team logo.  The logo will be used for mugs, nametags, bed tags, songbooks and folders etc.
  7. Your name tag, your talent, your spirit and your enthusiasm as we dive in together into The River of God!

We look forward to seeing all of you and we are anxious to get started working together!!

Core Team #83:  Rector/a:  Frank Elliott, Kathi Underhill, Head Cookies:  Wendi Haynes, Kay Elliott, Sheryll Brown, Spiritual Director:  Gene Golish, Lay Spiritual:  Rick Broo, Music Directors:  Joyce Garcia, Kathleen McGlone, Palanca Fairy:  Debi Cotner

Team #83:  Andrea Rynerson, Bob McCutcheon, Bubba Barte, Cecelia Phoenix, Damon/Tiffany Rackley, Darlene Childers, Diana Pruitt, Diane Hunter, Don Aufdenkamp, Jim/Eve Freed, Jackie Fisher, Lynn Kinsell, Randy Anderson, Steve Greene, Terry Sullivan, Tom McGlone, Vicki Fowkes, Xochie Rogers